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The Following Student Intern - Financial Management Analyst - GS-599-05 positions will be open 6/1/15 - 6/3/15



Please go to to apply


The following Student Intern - Accountant - GS-599-05 positions will be open 05/26/15 - 05/28/15



Please go to to apply



Please be advised that the Financial Management Career Program (FMCP) will post job announcements for the following programs on the USAJobs website within the upcoming week(s):  (1) Department of the Navy Student Internship Program; (2) Department of the Navy Recent Graduates Program; (3) and the Financial Management Associate Program.

Please apply for positions at the following website address:

If you do not have an active USAJobs account, you are encouraged to establish an account PRIOR to the posting of FMCP jobs.  The jobs will be announced for less than a week (in most instances).  Applicants should either create or upload their resume, transcript(s), and other pertinent documents.  If applicable, also upload a DD Form 214 (if claiming Veterans Preference), an SF-50 (for prior and current civilian servants).  Please ensure that you follow ALL of the instructions for creating a USAJobs account, searching for jobs, and applying for jobs.  Failure to do so may cause you a missed job opportunity.  FMCP jobs will be announced as Job Series 501, Financial Management Analyst; Job Series 510, Accountant; and Job Series 511 Auditor.

Please setup "Saved Job Searches" in USAJOBS for the job series you are interested in (501, 510, or 511 if available or all of them if you qualify).  If you select the NETC command as the command for which you are interested in seeking positions, when FMCP positions open, if your “Saved Searches” is functioning properly, you will receive an email notification that the positions are open and you will receive a hyperlink where to go to apply for the position(s).  For positions requiring a college/trade school transcript (510 or 511 or 501 if qualifying based upon GPA or college completion date through the Pathways Program, an "Official Transcript" is required BEFORE reporting onboard.  This will need to be accomplished ahead of time or you will not be able to report to work until the servicing Human Resources agency has received an “Official Transcript”. 

If you follow all of the instructions correctly, USAJobs will notify you via email when the job announcement is posted and throughout the hiring process.  Once the jobs announcements close, you can continue to track your application through the USAJobs process, not the FMCP office.  You will receive several USAJobs email notices of your application status:  when the application is accepted, once the application is rated, your referral status, and your selection/nonselection status. 

Good Luck with the application process!



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